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After 2 1/2 years on the 70 foot tower the WH500 was worn out with multiple problems including:

  1. Blade Tips Badly Eroded
  2. Failure to come out of furl
  3. A short developed in the stator

At a loss for similar sized reliable wind turbines we decided to build one from scratch based on Hugh Piggott's Axial Flux design.

It started with three 3x9x7foot quartersawn spruce planks which I carved into blades.

Elita gluing the mold for the magnet rotors.

Richard checks the polarity of the magnets.

Casting the magnet rotor in viynel ester

Similarly the stator is cast in viynel ester. These coils are wound by hand on Richard's coil winder.

Richard here welding the frame for the big T14

Bolting the magnet rotor to the back of the 6000 LB rated trailer hub

Its coming together! The bolts sticking out of the magnet rotor are jacking screws.

Ready to go up...

See it flying on U-Tube

What our customer said about this wind turbine:

"Just wanted you to know that the turbine is working beautifully and sooooo quiet."


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